Repeaters in the local area

W5SFA owned repeaters

Location Frequency/Offset CTCSS/DCS Call Sign Features
Bellville - 2M (C4FM) Auto 145.410/- 100 W5SFA Linked BV 440, Rx 240' TX 200', 575' MSL (NEW! C4FM digital mode)
Bellville - 70CM (C4FM) Auto 444.875/+ 103.5 W5SFA RX240' TX 200' linked w/Col.2M,  575' MSL (NEW! Digital Mode C4FM)
Bellville -  2M D-Star 146.930/- W5SFA RX 240' TX 200' (New D- Star gateway W5SFA) - In for repair
Columbus - 2M 147.14/+ 103.5 W5SFA/R linked w/BV 440,  200' AGL, 548' MSL
Houston - 2M 146.96/- 103.5 W5SFA/R Downtown Houston.  579' AGL, 623' MSL

W5SFA D-STAR Repeater (Currently not in operation - Repeater has been sent back to Icom for repair.)

Use of our D-STAR repeater does not require registration to talk locally (although you must have a D-STAR radio!).  However for you to be heard over a reflector or by a linked repeater then registration is required by the network.

The Stephen F. Austin Radio Club accepts registration on its D-STAR repeater in the Austin County tower in Bellville, using the club’s callsign of W5SFA. Please note that registration on this repeater is limited to residents of Austin County and its surrounding counties (i.e., your ULS listing must be an address in Austin, Washington, Colorado, Fayette or Waller County.  Out-of-area registrations will be rejected.

The D-STAR registration page is here, and instructions for registering can be found here. Note that registrations must be manually approved and may take a few days.  If any questions, contact the repeater administrator at info <at> w5sfa <dot> org.

Austin County Tower Repeater

146.930 (-0.6 MHz) W5SFA C     Tower Location:   29 deg, 58 min, 49 seconds (north)   -96 deg 15 min, 59 seconds (west)

Current linking information and last heard status can be found on the repeater's DPLUS Dashboard.

This is a link to a slideshow on D*

Washingron County ARC Repeaters (Brenham)

Location Frequency/Offset CTCSS/DCS Call Sign Features
Brenham - 2M 147.260/+ 103.5 W5AUM Blinn water tower (by Fire training ctr)
Brenham - 2M 145.390/- 103.5 W5AUM NEW! Digital Mode C4FM
Brenham - 70CM 443.250/+ 103.5 W5AUM ?

Giddings  and Elgin area (290 North) repeaters

Location Frequency/Offset CTCSS/DCS Call Sign Features
Giddings - 2M 147.220/+ 114.8 NE5DX/R Owner Lee
Elgin - 2M 145.270/- none

Hwy 71 North (Fayette County) repeaters

Location Frequency/Offset CTCSS/DCS Call Sign Features
LaGrange - 2M 146.800/- none
Smithville - 2M 145.350/- 114.8
Bastrop -70CM 442.00/+ 110.9
Bastrop - 70CM 443.75/+ none

Katy Area (West I-10; Ft. Bend, Harris, Waller)

Location Frequency/Offset CTCSS/DCS Call Sign Features
Katy KARS - 2M 147.200/+ 141.3 KT5TX At West I-10 Fire Station
Katy - 70CM 442.350/+ ? WD8RZA Dave Scott
Katy  -70CM 442.325/+ 103.5 KB5FLX